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Date: July 2019

7月25-28日,咔哇熊有机参展 2019 Auckland Food Show。这是新西兰一年一度逼格最高的食品展,现场非常火爆,咔哇熊有机博得了有机爱好者们的喜爱,现场提供的用咔哇熊有机奶粉制作的特色烘焙点心和有机奶茶也受到参展者的一致好评和喜爱。

July 25-28, Cowala promoted the organic range in 2019 Auckland Food Show. This is one of the biggest food show in New Zealand. We successfully tracked large amount of organic fans attention, and the special Cowala baked snacks and organic milk tea made with the Cowala organic milk powder was well received by the exhibitors.

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