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Date: August 2019

8月16-18日,咔哇熊携旗下品牌OPOBABY参展 2019 Auckland Baby Show。这是奥克兰妈妈们的大型狂欢节,母婴类产品在展会上十分的火爆。现场提供的用OPOBABY三段婴儿配方奶粉制作的特色烘焙点心和儿童水果奶昔也受到参展者的一致好评和喜爱。这场展会,咔哇熊成功让更多本地妈妈们了解了OPO的高端概念,呵护宝宝的健康。

August 16-18, 2019 New Zealand Baby Show. This is NZ Mum’s largest carnival, maternal and children products in the exhibition are very popular. Special baked pastries made with OPOBABY three-section infant formula and children’s fruit smoothies were also well received. This exhibition successfully introduced more local mums to the high-end concept of OPO. Cowala cares for your family.

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