Date: 28 Jan 2015

Auckland Mayor officially launched Cowala for its Local & Export Markets With the help of Auckland Mayor Mr Len Brown , New Zealand’s first pharmaceutical

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Date: 26 May 2014

Cowala Infant Formula gaining popularity in Korea. It has been recently released that Cowala Infant Formula is gaining popularity in Korea, according to CNBNEWS which

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Date: 1 May 2014

Pharmaceutical production standards makes GMP Dairy Limited the first New Zealand infant formula manufacturer to be registered by China. GMP Dairy Limited has been informed

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Date: 4 Mar 2014

Patent granted for GMP’s Infant Formula processing Black Box System GMP Dairy has been granted patent by the Australian government for its unique innovation –

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Date: 10 Feb 2014

Patent granted for GMP’s Consumer Friendly Traceability System GMP Dairy’s System For Providing Product Quality Information And Traceability To Customers Including X-Ray Images Of Can

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Date: 29 Nov 2013

GMP Dairy Plant becoming the first Australian and New Zealand Infant Formula Plant to receive Good Manufacturing Practice certification by China Quality Certification Centre GMP

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