Today there is a growing interest from consumers with how brands they bring into their home deal with raw materials, the environment and what is in each product. At Cowala our driving purpose is ensuring that the raw ingredients from our partner farms are handled with the greatest of care through our handling right through to when our consumer opens our products. Because of what the product is and why our consumer purchases it, we also view ourselves as the ‘guardian’ of the family unit – from the littlest ones, through to the elder generations – Cowala has created a range of products that help with the wellbeing for all.


To bring New Zealand’s purest milk powders to Kiwis and the world. To celebrate all that NZ has to offer by harnessing the core ingredients, and treatig these with the utmost respect.

With our good natured approach and trusted farm partners, we celebrate the natural goodness of NZ milk while enhancing the health benefits with our pharmaceutical background.

We source ingredients from New Zealand partners we trust which helps us create the purest milk powders of the highest quality.

Our milk powders not only taste good, Cowala has a range of products that have all the health benefits that are benefiial to the whole family and are easy to use (easy solubility), of high quality, and made with pharmaceutical grade production and does not cost the earth (within a family budget).

Delicious milk powders for the whole family and stages of life. Lovers of NZ nature and doers of good!


Milk is a gift from nature that we’re very passionate about. Our brand celebrates life, wellbeing, good health and happiness in a positive and fun way.

We are young and nimble enough to do things differently. We can communicate and age-old product to a modern world in a way that captures attention, joy and loyalty.

We are mindful of our people, place and process, always trying to do our very best, recognising that we are a  guardian of the natural produce that comes from the land, as such we endeavor to maintain optimal purity and quality which is captured in each Cowala pack.

Our brand is about giving – we give pleasure to our customers, and share our expertise and knowledge.