COWALA. It’s New Zealand

Here at Cowala, everything we make starts with the finest New Zealand dairy ingredients. Why is that ? Simple, New Zealand dairy is the best quality in the world because of our amazing farmers tending to their dairy cows which roam free on glorious New Zealand pastures and graze on the lush, green grass.


What this means for you is peace of mind that you and your family are getting the pure goodness and wellbeing of milk, all packed conveniently to use as and when you require. That’s the Cowala way and we are very proud of it.


Naturally hardworking and proudly independent helps, as does being a 100% New Zealand based dairy company. Why would we export our beautiful dairy ingredients to get made by someone else when we can do it here?


With our dairy knowledge, innovation and more than a decent slice of Kiwi ingenuity we capture pure milk goodness in every single pack carrying the Cowala name. That’s our commitment to you. Want to see? That’s easy. Each pack has a unique QR code with which you can trace its goodness through our production, right back to the farm where the milk originally came from.


Being able to show you this journey is important to us. We are a New Zealand company doing good for all milk loving people, whatever their age or stage of life and wholeheartedly believe in delivering milk powder products that have no compromise in quality to you each and every day. Enjoy!